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What Is The Major Cause Of Pain For Spinal Disc Conditions?

Dr. Ron Daulton, Jr.

In the previous pages of this article, we talked about all of the different conditions that can develop with a spinal disc (if you missed some of the previous pages, I’ve added a Table of Contents at the bottom of this page so you can see any of the previous pages you are interested in). However, it’s really important that you also understand how these conditions cause pain because in a bit, we’ll be talking about different treatment options for these conditions, and they won’t make sense if we don’t discuss this first.

Now, the interesting thing about all of the problems we discussed (bulging disc, herniated disc, ruptured disc, and degenerative disc disease) is, they all will produce essentially the same symptoms.

In fact, it’s only possible to diagnose these conditions with diagnostic imaging (usually an MRI) because they all would appear the same if you were basing it strictly on how a person feels.

The reason this is true is because, all of these conditions produce pain in essentially the same way, and it isn’t the way that most people would think.

Disc Pain Vs. Nerve Pain

There are two types of pain when discussing disc problems. The most common type of pain a person will experience is Neurogenic (Neuropathic) Pain (pain that is caused by the nerves). The second type of pain is Discogenic Pain (pain that actually comes from the injured disc itself).

Most people would assume that most of the pain comes from the injured disc itself, but that isn’t the case. So, allow me to explain each of these in more detail.

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