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Spinal Disc Treatments: What Are Your Best Options And How Effective Are They?

Dr. Ron Daulton, Jr.

When you visit your doctor for treatment of a spinal disc condition, you are most likely going to be given the following options, in this order: Medications, Physical Therapy, Injections (Corticosteroids and Epidurals), and Surgery.

What’s interesting about this, though, is that these treatment options traditionally have a very low success rate with this type of back problem.

So why do they recommend them?

Well, you can only recommend what you know, and unfortunately, most doctors are not aware that there are better options available to you, which is something we’ll be talking about later in this article.

But let’s first discuss each of these treatments individually. I’m going to start with medications because your doctor will almost always recommend these. If you’re interested in learning about a different treatment besides medications, you can simply use the Table of Contents at the bottom of this page to find the section you want to learn more about.

You can click here now, or click the Next button below to learn about the most commonly prescribed medications for spinal disc conditions. I’ll be covering everything from what they are, how they work, side effects, drug interactions, etc.

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