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Causes Of Spinal Disc Conditions

Dr. Ron Daulton, Jr.

The causes of spinal disc conditions can vary, but in the case of a bulging disc, herniated disc or ruptured disc, it is usually some type of injury that causes it.

It’s a bit more complicated for degenerative disc disease (DDD) because usually that will be caused by overuse of the affected disc, and it occurs over time (usually many years). DDD can also develop when a person has another disc condition that was never treated properly. If the disc never heals, it will continue to deteriorate and develop degenerative disc disease.

Are there other causes for these types of conditions? Definitely.

For example, we know that smokers tend to have a higher tendency for developing spinal disc conditions. The reason for this is because the discs do not receive a very good blood supply to begin with (which means they don’t receive much oxygen and nutrients from the blood), and smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood stream. So with even less oxygen going to the discs, they will become weaker and more prone to injuries and deterioration.

In fact, lifestyle plays a very large role in how strong or weak your discs are. Diet, exercise habits, and even your stress levels can affect how strong or weak the disc walls are. This is true because poor lifestyle choices can cause the body to have a problem with acidity in the blood stream, which will damage the discs and make them more prone to injuries.

Now that we’ve covered the basics about these different conditions (you can see the Table of Contents below if you missed any of the previous parts of the article), let’s go ahead and start discussing the different treatments that are available for spinal disc conditions. We’ll cover the most common treatments, as well as their success rates and what you can expect.

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