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What Is Neurogenic (Neuropathic) Pain?

Dr. Ron Daulton, Jr.

Neurogenic pain is pain that is caused by the nervous system, and usually it is the nerves that are being affected. This is also commonly referred to as Neuropathic pain. The reason we are discussing this at this point in our discussion is because this is the major cause of pain for most spinal disc conditions.

As the disc begins to bulge or deteriorate, it will tend to apply pressure to either the spinal cord or the spinal nerves, and this pressure can cause severe pain.

This is also the reason why most of these types of conditions will cause pain that will travel to other places besides the back.

For example, if you have a disc problem in your lower back, usually you won’t just experience low back pain. It is also common to experience sciatica (pain traveling down the leg), loss of control of the bowel and bladder, changes in your bowel movements (either constipation or diarrhea), etc.

Why Does Nerve Pain Travel To Other Areas Of The Body Like This?

This happens because the pressure on the nerve will affect everything that nerve controls. So, in the lower back, the nerves control the legs and abdominal organs.

The same is true for other regions of the spine – whatever the affected nerve controls will start to develop problems.

So, let’s go ahead and discuss the symptoms of spinal disc conditions at this point in the article. Go ahead and click here or click the Next button below to see what types of symptoms will develop for different regions of the spine.

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