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Book Testimonials - Michelle

“Today I am glad to say that

“Dr. Ron,

It has now been a year and a half since I was diagnosed with a bulging disc. I was pretty much stuck in bed for 2 weeks because of the debilitating pain of this condition since it was the L5/S1 disc that was bulging. I looked on the web for information about this since I didn't want surgery and wanted relief and I came across your website.

Today I am glad to say that I am PAIN FREE!!

I direct everyone I can to your website when I gladly tell them how I was able to heal my bulging disc without surgery and by being faithful to exercising. I have now lost 35 pounds and even though the weight loss part of it has been slow, my accomplishment that I hold on to most is that I was able to heal my back.

Thank you again,

–Michelle Scheen”

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