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Book Testimonials - Bela

“The first thing I noticed was that
I slept better...”

“Dr. Ron's book is a great example of how implementing a number of little changes can bring about dramatic change in one's quality of life. I herniated the disc between L4 and L5, it was diagnosed a year and a half ago. I have been following Dr. Ron's advice for almost six months. His book covers everyday activities from the moment one gets up till one goes to bed, including the best way to get in and out of the car and the best sleeping position.

The first thing I noticed was that I slept better. I used to wake up after four hours of sleep to pain in my lower back.

I no longer dread the mornings when I used to have the most pain. I used to pay dearly on the next morning for everyday activities such as bringing in the groceries from the car, but not anymore. Some mornings it used to be a problem to bend over the sink to brush my teeth, for example. This used to be really depressing, and the book's title is right, I do feel that I have gotten my life back.

Occasionally, there might be still stiffness in my lower back when I get out of bed (although it happens less and less frequently), but it goes away by the time I am done with my morning stretches.

Finally, I would like to mention that Dr. Ron is really available to answer questions - I tested it. I think this is remarkable and shows that he is totally behind the advice he compiled in his book, and he is really committed to the complete recovery of the people who purchase it.

–Bela Schmidt”

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